The Keys to Developing Patent Value Through Digital Automation

Digital automation has been a top priority of invested stakeholders when it comes to increasing business efficiency. Its use in the development of patent value is an emerging innovation.


Captains of industry have relied on digital transformation to increase business efficiencies across the board since the creation of the microchip. Recently this technological shift has focused on automation – removing the human element from the equation in order to service the evolving needs of customers, vendors, suppliers and all aspects of the business climate. However, in a highly-competitive world; how can those that develop innovative platforms, programs, software and solutions create patent value to ensure they are protected and well-rewarded for their efforts?


Although it is highly alluring for developers to file patents to ensure their intellectual property is protected – the development of a strong digital strategy and how you will execute it to bring the solution to the market is just as vital. Knowing the digital product, the solutions it delivers, the intended target and how it helps increase business efficiency is vital to developing a digital strategy that will produce results. Don’t get me wrong, patents are extremely important to ensure those responsible for the development of digital automation platforms are protected and rewarded for their creations. However, building a strong digital strategy is an essential first step that should not be overlooked.


Once the strategy has been developed on how to bring the digital solution to market, the next step is to align yourself with experts that can help attract the right clients. A critical part of the patent process is documenting specifics about the inventions. This is why it is vital to leverage networks of like-minded technological experts that can work together to add value to the digital solution. The content that must be revealed in a patent filing can easily be copied and modified. It’s the application of this technology by professionals in their respective fields that will catapult this invention to success.


Once a patent has been filed correctly, the exchange of information to enhance the digital solution can begin. Once a developer has ownership over their innovation, it is essential that they collaborate with other innovators in this segment. The exchanging of ideas, fine-tuning the processes and enhancing the product will add tremendous value to any platform.


A strong patent will reduce the potential of legal disputes, expedite innovation and allow growth of new solutions. Once the digital strategy is implemented – the rate of return will grow exponentially.

It’s not every day that a platform is created that can transform global commerce. However, knowing how to create the digital strategy, and collaborate with co-innovators while the patent process is pending is the best way to increase patent value for any digital solution.

Looking forward to your feedback on this blog post and to sharing knowledge with you!



  • A challenge in making service function deciders realize the importance of patents is that accountability for business success can rarely be traced directly to the correctness in previous patent decisions. That means, that whether the leaders decide in favor of obtaining a patent or not may be right one or wrong. However, where data from the past is being collected for other areas of business management, not everyone is doing the same for patenting.


  • Thanks for your comment, Michel. I am fully with you.

    Only if the past patenting successes are clear, can service function deciders improve future patenting decisions accordingly.


  • This is not something I’ve given much thought to, but it’s definitely something I will look into more, as it seems to be something which can increase business efficiency. I’ll have to start developing a digital strategy. Thanks for giving me so much to think about.

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  • It seems like a lot of people forget the very first step of this process – they get so wrapped in their new idea and filing the patent for it that they completely forget to develop a digital strategy. That’d probably explain why there are so many worthless patents filed everywhere – but hey, I guess you can’t knock people for trying to create something new. They’re just misguided.


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