Innovating the Service Function of Your Organization in the Digital Era

Strategic planning offers an unparalleled view, allowing for greater diversity and simplification in regards to service delivery.
From receiving instant updates on service delivery planning to being informed of new service offerings and products – customer service in the digital era must be quicker – faster – more efficient. Although many of today’s global brands prescribe strongly to the use of CRM, digital marketing and other cross service function processes; the fact remains that the best way to integrate the service function of any company is to simplify the mechanism.


The goal of any customer service platform is to connect with your consumer in a simplified, streamlined yet cost-effective method. Defining the needs of your customer and the capacity of your current platforms to fulfill their desires is the first step. Developing a flexible platform that can fulfill the company’s external and internal customer requirements should be your goal. This can be accomplished through proven three-step process.


Before breaking ground on any project, its essential to have the end goal well defined. Ask yourself a few important questions such as; who is my customer? How do I connect with them? How do they prefer to communicate? Once these important questions have been defined; you can then formulate a strategy for integrating service processes into your company’s IT solutions.


After development – successful implementation is key. Factoring investment and budget restrictions will define the barriers that exist towards activating the upgraded service platforms. Two specific areas to consider include the total cost of development and the operation of the platform and the complete value of ownership (which is basically factoring your ROI).


Creating solid and effective customer service platforms takes time to develop; and should always evolve based on consumer feedback, analyzing the data points and revising your solutions to exceed customer expectations – while being budget conscious.
Looking forward to your feedback on this blog post and to sharing knowledge with you!


  • Another useful post. Hope somehow this gets to my management… although I doubt it will. Our customer service platform needs to be completely re-created. This strategy looks great to me. But we have completely different strategy and that is maybe ruining our growth at the moment.


  • This sounds really good. Our customer service platform is great at the moment though. However, I think we need simplification of some process and a good strategic planning could really help us. But, I don’t quite now which of the 3 steps you mentioned is the most important.


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