Internet of Things Promotes Business Model Innovation

The IoT is continuing to dominate discussions across the board, leading to increased business models and concepts.


Over the last few years, the discussion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an increasing topic in the business world. The Internet of Things is a concept in which all electronic devices are given a network signal to seamlessly connect and communicate with each other to simultaneously perform tasks. For example, when you wake up for work, your alarm clock buzzer could set off your coffee maker to begin your morning brew before you even make it out of bed. This new idea could drastically change the way modern businesses operate, market, track metrics, manufacture products, and more.

Globalization is another trend that, with the combination of IoT, could innovate business processes. Globalization is the unity of business, government, and populations across the world’s nations.


If you want to succeed in this new digital age, it’s crucial to start plans for implementing the IoT concept in your organization for the future. You’ll need an entirely different mindset on business model innovation, as products are no longer one and done.

Value creation plays an important role in business model innovation. Traditionally, a company launches a product, shows its value, and customers purchase the product depending on their need. With the rise of a more connected world and IoT, businesses need to constantly evolve to keep the product value in line with market desires. For example, Apple releases iPhones almost every year to its millions of customers. To stay relevant and connected, the company offers free software updates with new features on a regular basis to the same phone.


Leveraging networks is important to achieve operational effectiveness, which is mandatory for having an edge over the competition. To successfully leverage networks, you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest technologies, machinery, and IT solutions. Smart, connected products are taking over the market and defining new standards for leveraging networks and operational effectiveness.

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  • “For example, when you wake up for work, your alarm clock buzzer could set off your coffee maker to begin your morning brew before you even make it out of bed.”
    Now that… that would be a dream come true! Like something straight out of the Jetson’s. And it’s exciting because surely something that simple is just the beginning of what the IoT is capable of doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Yes I’m excited about the Internet of things. The example you stated in the article would be interesting to experience. But that is only one example. There are tons of different things where the IOT can help us.


  • I was aware about the IoT, however, I haven’t read anything about the potential uses of it and that is why I didn’t quite get it. You made it so clear in this post and I hope we will experience something revolutionary.


  • As a manager, this sounds challenging to me. How can we, as software developing company, benefit from the IoT. Well at first we need to an extensive research. Achieving operational effectiveness is our ultimate goal. Lets see how the IoT will help us! Excited!


  • We’ve implemented IoT last year in our business. We are seeing extraordinary results so far. This is a nice post that should be followed by business who haven’t implemented IoT still


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