Create Personalized Customer Experiences And New Business Models That Generate New Revenue Streams

Innovation is to humans as water is to fish. By introducing combinations of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise, it’s possible to unlock product and service innovation through the incorporation of intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and blockchain.

As new and innovative products and services are created every day, patents are created on a global scale to match them. Human innovation has already allowed business to spread throughout the world and form a complete business unit, with each patent for intelligent technologies continuing the trend.

The implementation of global patent management has answered the question of “how can a global development team act as a singular unit?” and allowing them to thrive in this digital age. If every widespread company could do what’s best in their respective regions, while communicating that information on a global scale, it would become possible for them to function more efficiently and create more innovative services.

Genius developers in each region are focusing on intelligent technologies and leveraging networks. It’s innovation in action as they work to build the intelligent enterprise, create personalized and unique customer experiences (CX), and develop new business models that generate new revenue streams.

Not every patent is filed only for monetary gain, but also to help spread the information and knowledge the developers have been working on. These patents allow businesses and organizations to be more successful because they’re focused on intelligent technologies that unlock product and service innovation.

Managing patents on a global scale reduces the risk for all players involved when they work together on the global level as well as the regional level, with each individual cog fulfilling its role to create a machine that operates efficiently, smoothly, and meets the demands and opportunities of achieving global success.

I look forward to your feedback and to sharing knowledge with you!

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