Leveraging Networks To Empower And Excite Employees In This VUCA World

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) has come to define the modern business environment. The rush of technology and the vicissitudes of international markets have organizations scrambling to keep up in almost every industry. Here’s what decision-makers should know about it and how leveraging networks can help.

Keeping employees engaged by leveraging networks

While VUCA can be unsettling, organizations can take it on through preparation and proactive strategy. With 45% of employees less than fully engaged with work, organizations need to turn this figure around to stay competitive; but how?
Organizations have the opportunity to enhance their way of thinking to surpass mere survival and fuel growth to succeed. It’s imperative to equip employees with greater focus and flexibility of mindset to combat the challenges of VUCA.
By leveraging networks to empower employees, organizations can keep them effective, engaged, and prepared for the craziness of the VUCA world. Leveraging these networks of human groups to get employees more excited about work needs to be a primary focus.
Organizations can accomplish this by giving employees more power when it comes to decision making.
To withstand VUCA, many organizations are building a workforce that features seamless communication and is empowered to make decisions independently. Although independent decision making will be key, organizations can utilize the collective intelligence of employee networks. The future of work revolves around investing in the collective intelligence of employees.

Cultivating skills and efficient use of intelligent technologies

Forward-thinking organizations are driving the future of work while navigating VUCA. They can do this by capitalizing on intelligent technologies and cultivating a positive mindset among the workforce.
To overcome VUCA-related challenges, employees will need to be quick learners and able to reinvent themselves according to need. Organizations are in a position to encourage employees to actively improve and acquire the skills necessary to compete in this VUCA-ridden environment.

Intelligent technologies to incorporate

There are several important intelligent technologies that I’d recommend any professional keep apprised of. Some of the most essential intelligent technologies to follow are:

Enterprises that embrace these technologies will find it easy to get ahead.

Why it pays to be proactive in a VUCA environment

One of the only things stronger than the wild forces of VUCA is the power of the collective intelligence of human groups. An organization’s collective intelligence should be propagated and utilized proactively.
In a VUCA world, it pays to be proactive. Preparing employees to be more agile and exercise a flexible mindset can make a serious difference.
Additionally, organizations can make their workforce more resilient by getting employees to exemplify the organization’s core vision and values. Finally, intelligent enterprises that make effective use of intelligent technologies and maintain highly engaged employees by leveraging networks can outperform competitors.

Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt writes for the Forbes Magazine and contributes to the World Economic Forum Agenda. Please follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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