Leveraging Networks: What is an Agile Mindset?

What is an agile mindset? Before digging deeper into this explanation, one must first understand what the mindset is.

What is a Mindset?

Your mindset is another way of saying mentality. It’s all the parts of you that think, feel and act. Your thinking and feeling are entirely connected. Behind the thoughts you have is an emotional aspect.

Our life and experience leave emotional markings on us. We call this the intellect. All intellect also belongs to a feeling.

Action only occurs once we think. If we don’t think, we can’t act. Even being intimidated isn’t possible without first thinking.

What is an Agile Mindset?

Now that we understand the mindset, we can look at the agile mindset. This term is both stable and yet flexible at the same time. With an agile mindset, we see both operations and innovation.

While many definitions of an agile mindset exist, most people agree that it:

  • Embraces collaboration
  • Looks forward to change
  • Focuses on creating value
  • Views setbacks as a chance to learn

While there aren’t definitive lists of what characteristics create the agile mindset, the above qualities are widely accepted as a part of the mindset. Shifting the mindset involves rewarding yourself for trying new things, listening to others’ stories and taking small steps to bring about tiny changes.

Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt writes for the Forbes Magazine and contributes to the World Economic Forum Agenda. Please follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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