About This Blog

The changing dynamic of the market seems to be doing what it does best: change. Additionally, one can’t overlook a now globalized marketplace with increased competition and varied consumer behavior. This has required leaders in the commercial and nonprofit arena to re-evaluate how the context of today can be best utilized for their benefit. Not only in business but with the internal structure as well.

This blog is focused on creating better leaders that can accomplish more and do it quickly and efficiently. Taking into consideration the diverse functions of today’s society, we know that there seems like a million strategies for doing better business. It is important to not just suggest good options but explain the benefits and disadvantages along with a proper blueprint for carrying it out.

In a nutshell, this blog is about recognizing that we can work a lot smarter if we understood how to do so. Agile leaders create and use networks to shape their customer relations, form partnerships with service providers and academic institutions along with keeping their employees engaged and performing adequately.

On this blog you will find a healthy combination of professional observations and thoughts on current trends, case studies of successful establishment and use of networks, some pithy musings, occasional rants, and selectively curated content for leaders.


About Dr. Gerd Ehrhardt

Holding a Doctoral of Business Administration, Dr. @Gerd_Ehrhardt has a proven record of multiyear and multilevel experience in developing and directing the #People and #HR agenda that closely supports organizational goals.

With a passion for leveraging networks to build new interrelationships and intensify cooperation and engagement, his personal forte is the ability to collaborate with business partners to:

  • expand their geographic reach,
  • enable and scale-up skilled resources and
  • drive innovation

Having worked in Germany, France, the USA, Jordan, and Singapore, Dr. Ehrhardt now shares his expertise to support the leaders of today to tackle the challenges of a globalized marketplace. When not aiding leaders in leveraging their network of relationships, you can find him going for long runs and reflecting on conversations and experiences and strategic objectives. Connect with Gerd on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or on this blog.


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