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Leveraging Innovation Networks

How can you make the most of your social and business networks to transform your business and quickly innovate to stay ahead of the competition? In today’s modern world, innovation can often mean the different between success and failure. Sticking with the same business model and range of products or services in the fast-moving world of business can leave you

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The Cluetrain Manifesto — A Recommended Read for Digital Strategists!

Digital strategies are crucial tools for mapping a brand’s journey in the online world, answering fundamental questions about brand identity, visibility, authority, and content creation and management, among other aspects of maintaining a consistent online presence. If you are in the process of developing your digital strategy, it might be interesting for you to read the book called The Cluetrain Manifesto

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Three Best Practices for Leveraging the Crowd for Idea Creation

As organizations transform by and through migrating to the cloud, they face a challenge of scaling rapidly in ever-shortening timeframes to achieve or to retain a competitive edge. This requires change management on an unprecedented, global scale and hence, requires organizations to use their resources flexibly whenever required. This is only possible if the organization’s leadership realizes and understands the

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Three Ways to Co-Innovate with Universities and Business Schools on New Scenarios for the Cloud

During a recent follow-up research, to bring myself up-to date with newer efforts, I stumbled across the OPEN INNOVATION BLOG. It offers extensive resources, research, discussions, and applications of “open innovation”—the idea that firms should remain open to ideas from outside as well as pursue and leverage internal innovation. It intrigued me to find opportunities that could support the current transformation

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