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Merge Fragmented Service Expert Groups for One Common Service Component of Your Platform

Innovative service functions leverage technology platforms and service components to move away from their traditional roles by accommodating the new, high-value-added services and business models. An efficient method of strengthening the service component of a technology platform is by identifying and merging fragmented service expert groups within a service function. UNDERSTANDING INTERNAL FRAGMENTATION Service experts act in a supporting role,

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Commander Chakotay on the Role of Innovative Service Functions

Culture is the most endearing aspect of a company. And in face of digital transformation, it becomes the most problematic impediment to change management and, hence, to the smooth transformation of the company. The impact of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the rules of the marketplace, and to meet this new reality, new business models

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How Leaders Can Ride on Top of the Waves of Innovation

In an age of hyper-scalable businesses, staying abreast of innovation is crucial to the sustainability of every organization. However, as we have seen through the decade of digital transformation, many giants have had challenges to do that, at times because the innovation was exceptionally “true” (e.g., cloud and big data), but at other times because they did not pay heed to the

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Five Powerful Insights on the Importance of Leveraging Networks

A crucial part of personal leadership development is the realization that developing and curating reliable long-term professional relations is crucial to one’s success. The ability to establish, nurture, and sustain professional relationships with other people, and hence build a usable network, is often what differentiates successful leaders from stagnant ones. Here are five powerful quotes that shed light on the

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Organizational and Personal Advancement Through Leveraging Networks

Organizational and Personal Advancement I believe that many leaders of organizations unfortunately miss what I feel to be their most valuable personal achievement: leveraging networks. I first came to this notion while reading Herminia Ibarra and Mark Lee Hunter’s article “How Leaders Create and Use Networks.” The world today has a few great thinkers, but many pontificators who think their ideas are

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